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  • Pregnancy and Chiropractic
    Pregnancy and chiropractic We are often asked is chiropractic safe for pregnant women and if so why does the pregnant woman need a chiropractor? A woman's body goes through alot of changes Read more
  • Why do I need more than 1 visit?
    Why does the Chiropractor need more than one visit to get me healthy? The truth is everyone is different, and what brought you into the chiropractor may be different than what Read more
  • Fibromyalgia and Chiropractic
    It is true that fibromyalgia is a real condition but it is also used as a diagnosis when there is no other place to point a finger as the problem. Read more
  • The ONE important thing you can do for your disc injury, besides seeing a chiropractor.
    I start this important subject with telling you about my dog; she has a disc injury. While some may think what does that have to do with me, I am Read more
  • Weather and pain
    Weather and pain? For those of you that remember, there used to be a show called the Beverly Hillbillies, and in one episode Granny insisted that she was smarter than the Read more


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