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Dr. Eric Luttrell
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Jeanette Ward

Over the last 10 or so years I have been suffering from back and neck pain. Dr. Eric always works his miracles making me feel better. He takes his time and makes sure I am comfortable and adjusted accurately- he is NEVER in a rush to get me out. Anytime I need to be seen Dr. Eric is able fits me in. He has also treated my husband and two kids, which one as a child had scoliosis. He worked with her to get her straight as an arrow :) they now see him as needed. We have recommended Dr. Eric to several friends and family, they have all been very satisfied and grateful we passed his information to them. Thank you Dr. Eric Luttrell for being a kind, professional Dr.!


I was so lucky to find Dr Luttrell. I love the way he does his adjustments. Other Chiropractors I have been to are just too rough and believe in the big cracking noise being the all mighty. Dr Luttrell is very gentle and I was surprisingly not afraid when he did his adjustments. Felt great after treatment. This is not a chiropractor you get rushed in and out of. He takes his time and makes you feel important.

Judy Knapp

I have known Dr. Luttrell for a number of years and I have found him to be most patient and caring in his treatment of myself and my late husband. He went out of his way to help make my husband as comfortable as could be in his final days, even coming by the house to check on him. I went to other Chiropractors and it seemed that it was an endless circle of repeated visits for often years, however, Eric found the problems and corrected them and now I just have to go occasionally which is such a relief. I am so happy to have him as my Chiropractor and recommend him to anyone I can. This is a most kind, caring man and a wonderful doctor with a great sense of humor and yet very professional and anyone making him their Chiropractor will not be disappointed.

G berkey

The careful and precise adjustment that I received from doctor Luttrell this last week was my first time working with him as a patient, and I now understand why he is talked highly about by others in the Chiropractic and Massage therapy fields. I am looking foreword to sending him some of my clients as well as trusting him working on my neck in the future. I am giving him a very high recommendation.

Casey Garcia

Prior to seeing Dr. Luttrell I was suffering from constant neck and back pain. My entire right arm would go numb when driving, at times it even became painful just to take a deep breath or lie face down. At first I visited Dr. Luttrell three times a week and gradually my visits were reduced as the pain subsided. Now I see him only as needed. Dr. Luttrell was nothing but professional in every way, He made sure to explain what was causing the pain and what treatment was needed. I whole heartedly recommend him to anyone who is suffering from back or neck pain. Thank you Dr. Luttrell.

Brook Osterli

I have been seeing Dr. Luttrell for well over a decade. Prior to seeing him I had been to several other chiropractors. I would recommend him over all the others. He provides kind, caring and compassionate care to all of his patients. It is always nice to have a doctor who actually cares about their patients.

Julie Garcia

For years my husband Casey kept telling me that I should see a Chiropractor for my neck and back pain, I didn't want to because I had been told that once you started see a one you would have to keep going, After seeing my PCP, Orthopedist, and Neurologist, and still not getting any answers I went to see Dr. Luttrell. After seeing Dr. Luttrell a few times a week for a few weeks my neck and arm pain were gone. I would highly recommend Dr. Luttrell and I have to many friends and family.

A Humphrey

I have known Eric since he graduated from school. I have had nothing but positive results from being under his care. I have had severe neck problems in the past and the only relief is from chiropractic adjustments. I have seen other chiropractors without the same results. Eric is the best. Thanks for the continued excellent care!

Jennifer Brinar

I have seen Dr. Luttrell for several years now. He provides education along with his office visits letting you know why he is doing such treatment or why your body is acting the way it is because it is out of alignment in this area etc. He has a wide range of expertise that he can treat all of your aliments. Even though I no longer live in the area, I make it a point to come and see Dr Luttrell when I am in town because he is that GREAT! I would recommend Dr. Luttrell for all of your chiropractic needs.

Rodd Booth

Dr. Eric's goal was to treat the issue with speed and accuracy. He did not milk out the process. I ended up seeing him for about than 3 months. Now I only go back when needed and usually end up with one visit. I would highly recommend Dr. Eric for a fast and healthy recovery when it comes to back, hip, joint, etc problems. Even if it is a headache, we found out it can be chiropractic related! Thank you Dr. Eric!

Christie Davis

Dr. Luttrell is very personable, and makes it a priority to make you comfortable. He treats your issues head-on & cares about YOU the patient!! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a chiropractor. Thank you Dr. Eric!!

Terry Brooks

I have known Dr. Luttrell for many many years , you will never meet a nicer guy ... hes very professional , courteous and fair and .. well JUST AWESOME !... I have sent many people to Eric over the years ... All have been impressed .... I highly recommend him .... ;)

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