Pregnancy and Chiropractic

We are often asked is chiropractic safe for pregnant women and if so why does the pregnant woman need a chiropractor?

A woman's body goes through alot of changes in a 9 months time, they have this baby growing inside the and their body must accommodate those changes, this is done by a hormone in their body during pregnancy that is caused relaxin. This hormone allows the ligaments to stretch more than usual so the body can undergo those changes.

This is a blessing, and it can cause increased low back pain too. In the pelvis where the hips attach to the spine there is a joint call the sacro-iliac joint, and with the relaxin it can be easy to stretch this joint more than normal with the sacroiliac joint getting fixated or stuck at its end range of motion, the chiropractor can safely adjust (manipulate) the joint restoring the motion and relieve the pressure/pain.

In addition, while pregnant and as the baby develops, with the extra weight in the abdominal area, there is more body weight put on the low back and on the sacroiliac joints which can be relieved with an adjustment( manipulation). Along with the extra weight on the low back, the head of the woman will start to extend toward the front of her body as the center of gravity has changed, this can cause headaches which can be relieved with an adjustment, as the forward head syndrome occurs, the upper back muscles get tighter acting as the counterbalance to support the weight of the head, along with the muscles getting tighter the spinal segments of the midback lose motion, which can be relieved with an adjustment (spinal manipulation).

Nutrition is an important part of pregnancy, most of us know this, we want this growing baby to get all the nutrients it needs to develop. We know those nutrients come from the mother and if she does not get those nutrients the baby suffers, and if she does get the right amount of nutrients the mother will suffer as well as her body will be depleted as the baby takes them. This is why mothers are given pre-natal supplements. One of the big things a developing baby needs is Calcium, and if a mother is not getting enough calcium she can develop a condition known as round ligament syndrome. Round Ligament syndrome is a painful condition that goes from the pubic bone to the prominent bony spot on the front of the pelvis caused by a lack of adequate calcium. The average calcium intake should be increased to 1200mg/day. Check your pre-natals to see how much your getting. There are other supplements one should be taking, vitamin C, Omgea 3 acids, Iron and Vitamin B.

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing, but a expecting mother is limited to the things she can take or do to ease the discomforts associated with this wondrous time, Chiropractic is a very effective and safe treatment option.


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